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Kdy:  01-08/09/2015

Kde: Nitra, Slovensko

Kdo:  Romania, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Slovakia


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2 ženy a 2 muže

20- 35 let

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Social Inclusion – Youth Acting Together!

Social exclusion represents one of the most important social problems of nowadays. It has increased in particular during the economic and financial crises and deepen the possibility of risk of exclusion of young people significantly. Even though we are not in recession and the economy seems to be having some positive signals, the effects that the recession left are overwhelming. In particular, the unemployment, that unfortunately is still increasing and often leads to social exclusion. The Europe 2020 Strategy set ambitious objectives, among whose to reduce poverty and social exclusion. However, number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion increased from 114 million in 2009 to 124 million in 2012 [EC COM(2014) 130 final] and according to the latest data published by Eurostat, an estimate of 29,7% of young people in the 18-24 age group were at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU in 2012. This is almost one out of three young persons between the ages of 18 and 24. Social exclusion is often caused by discrimination, poverty, poor education, isolation and insecurity. If we want to tackle it effectively, we need to recognize where is a problem, understand it better and implement suitable approaches. We have to learn from each other and act together involving civil society organisations across our countries to join forces together with other organisation such as public administrations and schools towards Development, Well-being and Social Inclusion of young people. The EU Youth Strategy recognises the relevance of youth work to reduce the effects of social exclusion amongst young people. Youth work can offer opportunities to combat effectively against this phenomena thanks to providing opportunities of training, non-formal learning, active community to youth that are at risk of exclusion. In fact, the idea of this project is based upon the needs expressed by youth workers who operate in the field of social exclusion of young people. The project will focus on exclusion of which main actors are often young people, so-called NEETs (Young people not in employment, education or training). The Training Course targeting youth workers will be held from 01-08 March 2015 in Nitra, Slovakia and will bring together 30 participants, 2 trainers, 1 facilitator and 2 support staff and 1 accompanying person from Italy for one disabled person from Italian partner - Sezione Laziale della UILDM ONLUS that works for and with people with physical disabilities. In total from 9 EU countries: Slovakia, Romania, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Turkey. The main aim of the training will be focused on raising European awareness on phenomena of social exclusion and possibilities for more inclusive society in the anti-discrimination youth projects with marginalised groups. With this training we aim to empower youth workers and equip them with skills, competences to be used while working with young people, in particular those with fewer opportunities. During the training, the following key concepts will be explored: inclusion versus exclusion, analyses of the social exclusion and factors which influence it, discrimination, empowerment, youth participation versus apathy behaviour, active citizenship, local institutions and role of NGOs, EU and local strategy against social exclusion, attitudes towards target groups in need, taking action. Participants will learn new information, they will have space for discussion, debates, sharing and learning new tools how to facilitate the work with youngsters who suffer social exclusion.TC will implement non formal educational methodology based on open and interactive approaches, sharing and exchanging good practises and learning from each other and thus directly creating safe environment for the participants, environment that would facilitate the development of new skills, competences and attitudes and thus contribute to social and personal development

Za kolik: Ubytování, strava a program jsou 100% hrazeny z grantového programu ERASMUS plus. Doprava je plně hrazena do výše 180 euro. Účastnický poplatek 10 euro.

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